On March 28th 2014 Dave Kraft posted this confession to his personal Face Book page

To All:

What I’m about to say has been a long time coming…way too long. Dating back to around 2007, I am guilty of not speaking up for, and defending some brothers who were terminated at Mars Hill Church. Quite to the contrary, I was in the group that saw to it that they left.

I don’t recall all the details and don’t remember exactly what or how it happened.

What I do know is that these men were unfairly terminated. The way it was communicated and the way these fellow elders were treated was not biblical, not fair, not helpful to Mars Hill Church, not helpful to them and their precious families and did not help further the purposes of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I want to name these elders:

1 Paul Petry
2. Bent Meyer
3. Lief Moi

I am both ashamed and repentant for my part, my silence and my cowardice. I ask the three of you for your forgiveness for waiting too long to own my sin in what happened to you and to your families.

I am deeply and genuinely sorry and sad. I regret that it has taken me so long to recognize this and to speak out.

I, along with some others, are working on a “Repentance and Reconciliation” process to deal more thoroughly with your cases and others of a similar nature.

Dave Kraft